Weekly Stockless Program

About weekly Stockless

Put the value back in your supply chain – GHI Stockless Program is the industry-leading logistics program that helps reduce the cost of storing, maintaining and distributing supplies throughout the hospital. The program is designed to meet the needs of individual facilities, based on actual demand at the point of care.

Traditional supply chain – before Stockless program

Dynamic supply chain – after Stockless program

The Stockless inventory management program from Global Health can provide significant savings to a hospital through one-time inventory reductions and lower inventory management costs. This is achieved through improved supply-replenishment processes and consolidation of multiple vendors.

Under the Stockless program, we design a system tailored to the needs of individual facilities, from daily bulk delivery to fully integrated stockless systems.

Deliveries are made on a pre-determined fixed delivery schedule from a nearby distribution center, reducing the need to maintain stock on location. Global Health delivers unit-specific orders, shipped in logical unit-of-measure, directly to the point of use in the Long Term Care Centers.

The Stockless program is a true partnership between customers and Global Health – the more we invest together, the more we both save.